Here you will find an overview over documents and files for your egnite Smart Sensor product.

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Firmware downloads for your device can be found here

Data Sheets

Name Version Models
Data Sheet Querx TH 6.19 TH pdf
Data Sheet Querx PT 6.19 PT pdf
Data Sheet Querx WLAN TH 6.19 WLAN TH pdf
Data Sheet Querx WLAN PT 6.19 WLAN PT pdf


In general we publish a common manual for all Querx variants.

Please, also have a look at the german version of this page for additional manuals.

Name Version Models
Querx Manual 5.4 pdf

Corresponds to the Querx firmware version 4.4


Standalone software, which relates to your Smart Sensor device, but will not be installed on the device itself

Name Version Models
Querx Hub 2.0 Windows
Debian .deb
Debian .AppImage
Raspberry Pi Image

Successor of the Device Discoverer with a wider range of functions. Configuration tool for Windows, Debian/Ubuntu and MacOS, as well as bootable Raspberry Pi Image.

Tutorial (Setup and usage)
More Information

Device Discoverer 3.2.2 Windows
Debian .deb
Debian .AppImage
Querx Configuration Tool for Windows, Debian/Ubuntu and MacOS
Device Panel 1.0.2 Raspberry Pi Image

Device Panel is software that allows you to use an HDMI screen as a large display for your egnite Smart Sensor. The current version exists as Windows software and as an image for the Raspberry Pi.


Tutorial (Setup and usage)

More Information

Querx Discoverer 1.0.0 Google Play Store

Android app for accessing Querx via the local network and cloud provider.

Palamoa for Android 1.0.0 Google Play Store

Free Android app for our IoT cloud Palamoa, which lets you monitor your Querx measurement data from anywhere.


More info:


Name Version Modelle
FHEM Template 1.0.0 tpl
Nagios Plugin 1.2.0 gz


PCNs (Product Change Notifications) provide information on (technical) changes to our products during the product life cycle.

Name Models
Querx PCN 20181001 TH, WLAN TH pdf
Querx PCN 20191001 TH, WLAN TH pdf
Querx PCN 20200601 THP, WLAN THP pdf

Declarations of Conformity

Name Models
Querx TH EC Declaration of Conformity TH pdf
Querx PT EC Declaration of Conformity PT pdf
Querx WLAN TH EC Declaration of Conformity WLAN TH pdf
Querx WLAN PT EC Declaration of Conformity WLAN PT pdf