FAQ - Querx

Here we have summarized frequently asked questions about Querx network sensors into categories.

If your question is not included or if you need further information, please send an email to egnite.

Evaluate Querx Sensors

Can I try out a Querx Sensor without obligation?

Business customers may evaluate Querx sensors for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. If you want to keep the device, you pay the invoice you receive. If the sensor does not meet your expectations, return it to us within 30 days. Enquire.


The Querx Sensor does not work as desired. What can I do?

If your device is not working properly, it may be a software or hardware problem. Software problems can usually be solved without having to send in your sensor.
Please contact us first of all by email or by phone and describe your problem.


Is a factory calibration sufficient or do I need a DAkkS calibration?

Whether a DAkkS calibration is necessary or the cheaper factory calibration is sufficient depends on your requirements as well as the application conditions of the Querx sensors. A DAkkS calibration is always recommended if the sensor is used in a quality critical process.

Which measured variables can you calibrate?

Temperature and humidity. Air pressure calibration is currently not offered by the calibration laboratory we work with.

Can only the temperature be calibrated for Querx THP?

Querx TH and THP models have integrated sensors to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure values. Nevertheless, it is possible to calibrate only the measured variable temperature.

I would like to have the Querx PT measuring instrument calibrated without an external temperature sensor.

Querx PT can be calibrated without connected temperature sensor.
However, since both - measuring device as well as external temperature sensor - contribute to the measuring accuracy, we recommend to check both components together.