Querx network sensors can function as autonomous data loggers.

The measured values are saved on the device itself and include date and time.
No network connection is required for this, the device only requires power.


The storage will suffice for 25 days to 7.5 years, depending on the model. The minimal, median and maximal values are recorded for each entry. The frequency for entries is configurable.

If the device saves measurements every ten minutes, instead of every minute, the storage will last ten times longer. Once the memory is full, the earliest entries will be overwritten automatically.


If Querx is connected to your local network, any common web browser can be used to access all logged and current data.

Querx features an integrated web server.


Besides the interactive diagram for monitoring historical sensor data, the current measured values are always displayed.

The current values are displayed in real time and are updated every second.


Querx displays all recorded data in a graph on the web interface’s front page. The time frame can be adjusted.
This time frame can be exported to your computer as an XML or CSV file, in order to archive data or process it with spread sheet applications such as Excel.


The data can also be archived automatically.

You can, for instance, install a script that will query all connected Querx network sensors’ data once a week and save it in a data base on a server.