Electronics manufacturing

Prototypes and small series

In addition to manufacturing our own products, we also take commissions to assemble circuit boards and mount components and devices.

We have a fully automated stencil printer and an SMD placement machine at our disposal for components from size 0201 (mm) and 0.3 mm fine-pitch, in order to ensure high standards of quality and efficiency.

Focus areas

  • Sourcing materials
  • Producing prototypes
  • Assembly production for small volumes
  • Assembly
  • Optical inspection
  • Programming firmware
  • Function test


  • Data provision: Altium Designer, CSV
  • SMD placement machine: Autotronik BA392V
  • PCB panel: max. 250 x 350 mm
  • SMD components: from 0201 chips or 0.3 mm fine pitch grid
  • Quality standard: IPC-A-610 class 2
  • Solder process:
    • SMD: Reflow soldering
    • THT: Manual (selective- or wave-soldering by our manufacturing partners)

Your product is currently just an idea?

We will gladly assist you in developing the required hardware and software.