Sensors that feature a network interface have the advantage that they can be integrated into existing environments relatively simply.

This, however, requires the sensor to be able to use a compatible network protocol. Querx offers several options.


Modbus is commonly used in automation (SCADA).

Querx provides Modbus registers with any current measurements and configuration parameters via Modbus/TCP.


Data centers prefer management protocols such as SNMP.

Sensor values and configurations can be queried via an integrated SNMP agent. SNMP traps are transmitted when the device reboots or an alert status changes.


Devices in a web environment usually communicate via HTTP. The file formats XML and JSON are widely used for such applications.

Querx not only operates as a server, but can also function as an HTTP client with firmware version 4 or later installed.


The firmware is constantly being expanded and further possibilities for integration are developed.

Recently added is support for MQTT (Querx WLAN) for cloud environments, SCPI functionality (measurement technology) is in development.