First Steps with Querx

We are pleased that you have chosen a Querx sensor.

If the sensor was brought from a cold environment to a warm one, it can lead to condensation of humidity in the device.


In this case you should let it acclimitize for about 2 hourse before putting it into operation.


You will need:


  • Querx network sensor
  • Ethernet cable
  • Micro-USB power adapter
  • PC
  • Access to a local network

An Ethernet cable is required for the initial setup of your network sensor. This applies to the regular models, as well as the WLAN models.


The following tutorial uses the example of a Querx TH network sensor to illustrate the setup process.

Let's go!


Connecting to the network

Connect Querx to your local network via an Ethernet cable.

Supply the device with power

Connect Querx to the power adaptor via a micro-USB cable and plug the adaptor into a socket. The status LED will light up yellow.



Configuring the network

Most local networks support DHCP, allowing the sensor’s network configuration to be set up automatically. Once Querx has received valid settings, the status LED will flash green every ten seconds.



Accessing the web interface

Open your web browser and enter http://system name.local/ into the address line.


The system name in factory settings is querx000000.

The six zeros need to be replaced by the sensor’s MAC address. The MAC address is printed on the sticker on the bottom of the device.



You will now see the Querx web interface in your browser.


Accessing the configuration area

Click the button Configuration in the upper right corner of the web interface. The homepage of the configuration area will now open.



You can find detailed information about the configuration of the device in the Querx manual. You can download it here.

Congratulations. Your Querx is now fully operational.