Tutorial: Querx Panel

The Querx Panel application is available for Windows PC and Raspberry Pi. It displays measurements and alerts for up to nine sensors in a full screen visualization. This makes it possible to, for instance, create a large display in the fields of production and storage on a tight budget.

Querx Panel can be used free of charge.

Note: A DHCP server is required for the tutorial.

Installation on Windows

  1. Download the install file here and execute it.
  2. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  3. Launch the app “Querx Panel”.

Installation on Raspberry Pi

  1. Download the image for Raspberry Pi here.
  2. Format the first partition of an SD-card in the FAT32 format and extract the archive to this location.
  3. Insert the SD-card into your Raspberry Pi.
  4. Connect a network cable and a mouse to your Raspberry Pi. The mouse is only required during configuration.
  5. Boot the device by connecting the power source.


Configuration and operation are identical on all systems, once the software has been launched.

Entering setup mode

  1. Click the blank screen with the right mouse button.
  2. Select Setup from the drop down menu.

Basic settings

  1. Select the rate at which the display is updated.
  2. Select the color that is to be used for the individual displays’ frames.

Adding devices

  1. Select the device, whose values you wish to display.
  2. Select the section of the screen in which this device’s values will be displayed.
  3. Click Add.

Repeat this process if you wish to add several devices.

Configuring the display

  1. Select the device you want to configure.
  2. Select the values you want to display.
  3. Configure the size in which value and unit are displayed.

Configuring the colors

  1. Select the device, whose display’s colors you want to change and click Colors.
  2. Select the colors for the display.
  3. Click Ok.

The result

The selected values appear on the monitor, arranged in the configured order. Alerts are highlighted by the selected colors.