Show measured data on HDMI displays

July 22, 2015


To display temperature and humidity in productive environments, we are currently developing the software “Device Panel”. This software will show measured data of one or more Querx units in full screen. “Device Panel” will not only be available for Windows, Linux and Mac, but also as boot-able image for the Raspberry Pi.


Temperature display – Out of the Box

As an accessory, we will also offer a stand-alone box, with “Device Panel” pre-installed.

You can directly connect a HDMI display. In the software, you only need to configure network settings and the units, the data of which you want to show.

This makes it easy to set up a display for temperature and humidity without additional hardware - right where you work – in the workshop, the storage or the kitchen.

Download development version

The get a first impression, you can download a preview of "Querx Panel". Please keep in mind that this is a very early version that we do not recommend for use in productive environments right now.

Windows installation

1: Download the installer and start it.
2: Follow the instructions on the screen
3: Start “Device Panel”

Installation on the Raspberry Pi

1: Download the image for the Raspberry Pi
2: Format the first partiton of an SD card with FAT32 and extract the achive there
3: Insert the SD card in your Raspberry Pi and start the unit.

Notice: At this stage, network configuration is not possible. You will need a working DHCP server.


As soon, as you have the software up and running, configuration is carried out the same way on all supported systems.


Enter Setup

1: Right-click on the empty screen.
2: Choose Setup from the context menu.

Basic settings

1: First choose a frame color for the screen
2: Choose the time interval to update the values
3: This field will later update the temperature chart and can for now be ignored.

Add devices

1: Choose the device you want to display
2: Choose the screen area in which you want the values to be shown
3: Click add.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 if you want to add further devices.

Configure display of values

1: Choose the unit, which you want to configure
2: Choose the values you want to show. Currently temperature, humidity an dew-point are supported – with or without physical unit.
3: Configure font size for value and unit. A size of “0” stands for “no display”
4: Click OK afterward

Configure display colors

1: Chose the unit for which you want to change the colors.
2: Click on Colors
3: Now chose the colors
4: Finally click on Save.


Please keep in mind, that this is an early und unfinished software version, where not all features are implemented yet and what is implemented might be buggy.

We are glad, if you come back to us with your critics, suggetions and wishes.