Querx firmware 3.2.8

June 14, 2016


A new firmware version is available for all Querx network sensors.

Changes in version 3.2.8

  • The email system now supports not only AUTH-PLAIN, but also the older AUTH-LOGIN authentication. Especially Microsoft exchange server need this method.
  • The Ethernet communication of Querx PT and TH was improved
  • The transmission of historical data was improved
  • Sporadically occurring sensor errors are ignored for PT100 probes. An error must have last for at least 10 seconds to be recognized as an sensor error.

Bug fixes in version 3.2.8

  • A change to encrypted email transmission is only tried if the mail server offers the STARTTLS option
  • In rare occasions the WLAN connection could be blocked. An additional check now detects this condition an restarts the unit.
  • If authentication was disabled in the web interface, no EHLO/HELO was sent to the mail server. This error was corrected.
  • The device discoverer now shows the actual IP address of the device instead of the configured one.