DAkkS Calibration Certificates for Querx Sensors

February 13, 2017

Blog: DAkkS Calibration Certificates for Querx Sensors | egnite Smart Sensors

Having measurement devices checked in a laboratory accredited by the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) will assure you that the calibration was conducted in compliance with all current norms and laws and on a level that is internationally comparable.

The temperature of a calibration object is measured by the device that is to be calibrated and these values are then compared to the measurements taken by the calibration device (measurement standards) at the calibration points specified by the user.

The values - display value, reference value - as well as the measurement deviation and the calculation of the measurement inaccuracies are documented in the DAkkS calibration certificate.

The certificates further include information on the calibration object and process and on the ambient- and measurement-conditions at the time of calibration.

The recalibration intervals are not specified in the certificates.

DAkkS calibration certificates verify the measurements’ traceability to national measurement standards in compliance with DIN ISO/IEC 17025.
Along with a calibration sign, they also show the DAkkS symbol including the testing laboratory’s registration number and the iLAC-MRA symbol which indicates the certificate’s international recognition.

Querx with calibration mark | egnite Smart Sensors

The calibrated measurement devices are marked with blue labels by the laboratory. The labels correspond to the calibration sign on the calibration certificate and include the calibration number, the laboratory’s DAkkS registration number and the date on which the calibration was carried out.