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What are smart sensors?

July 15, 2020

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The world is getting smarter by the minute – at least when it comes to technical devices. Smart cars, smart buildings and even smart factories or cities are being touted. But what exactly does any of this mean? What features make a product smart? What differentiates a smart city from any other one? A vital […]

New Sensor Cap for Querx TH and Querx WLAN TH

October 25, 2018


A few months ago we began shipping Querx TH and Querx WLAN TH with a case made of ABS plastic, which replaced the non-hygroscopic shrinking tube that was previously used. Version 1.1 of Querx TH and Querx WLAN TH now ships with a newly developed sensor cap that features two significant improvements. Whereas the previous […]

Querx PT’s Sensor Cable Connector Has Changed

May 28, 2017


Up until now, the Querx PT models’ (Querx PT100, Querx PT1000, Querx WLAN PT100, Querx WLAN PT1000) pair of two-wire connectors, into which the 2-, 3- or 4-wire sensor cables are clamped, were stacked vertically. Querx PT – Version 1.0 From version 1.1 on, the four screw-terminals are placed side by side so the individual […]

Temperature Sensors for Querx PT

January 17, 2017


Querx PT ships with a test sensor. This lets you use the device right out of the box by connecting it to an Ethernet network and a power supply. However, this sensor is really just a simple test sensor with a 100 mm PVC cable but no protective sleeve. While it returns reliable measurements, it […]