A special mission for Querx WLAN TH

July 17, 2019


One of our network sensors recently had a very special mission. It helped our coworker Steffi to hatch chickens in an incubator.

In order for the climate conditions to be as close to natural conditions as possible, the temperature in the incubator needed to remain at a constant 37.5 to 38 °C. For the first few days, the humidity needed to be between 50 and 55% (later rising to 65%). Previously, Steffi had checked the ambient conditions with a glass thermometer and a hygrometer. However, since this was time consuming and the method lacked an alert feature, this time she used a Querx WLAN TH.

The installation was simple. The device was fixed to the outside of the box and the TH sensor was lead into the inside via the measuring tube. The WiFi connection was then used to connect the sensor to the local network. Now everything was prepared and we were ready to brood the chicks.

Whenever the humidity inside the incubator dropped below the optimal value, Steffi was notified via email and simply refilled the water container that regulates the humidity. Querx also notified her of any temperature fluctuations. The incubator features an integrated temperature sensor and can regulate the temperature automatically. But since the temperature sensor is integrated into the incubator’s door, the measurements were not always exact. One day it was so cold outside that the sensor regulated the inside temperature to 40 °C. Steffi received an email from Querx, notifying her of this and manually set the temperature back down.

The network sensor Querx watched over the hatching eggs for 21 days, making sure that a healthy brood of chicks finally hatched.