Offer: HWg-STE PoE noPWR only 155 €

HWg-STE PoE is an Ethernet thermometer with support for SNMP and alert e-mails. Power supply is carried out over Ethernet (PoE), which makes it an ideal solution for monitoring server rooms.

HWg-STE PoE measures temperature and humidity. If critical thresholds are exceeded, the unit can send e-mail notifications. Furthermore, measurements and thresholds can be polled via SNMP. Readings can also be imported by the free HWg-PDMS software. This allows data visualization and MS-Excel compatible exports.

Via 100-Mbit Ethernet-Interface, you can connect the device to your local network. IP-configuration is carried out over DHCP or using the included software UDP config.

Configuration of the device is done via web interface, no additional software is needed. Power supply ist carried out over PoE, an adapter is not included in delivery.

egnite is official distributor for HW group products in Germany. If you are interested in a cooperation with egnite, you can find more information on our distribution page.

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