Electronics manufacturing

From prototype to small series

In addition to the manufacture of its own products, egnite also takes on customer orders for the assembly of printed circuit boards and the mounting of modules and devices.

To do this efficiently and in high quality, we have a fully automatic stencil printer and an SMD placement machine for components from size 0201 and 0.3 mm finepitch grid.

Key aspects

  • Materials procurement
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Assembly manufacturing for small quantities
  • Assembly
  • Optical inspection
  • Programming of the firmware
  • Functional tests
  • Quality standard: Guideline IPC-A-610 Class 2


  • Data delivery: Altium Designer, CSV
  • SMD pick and place machine:  Autotronics BA392V
  • Printed circuit board usage: max. 250 x 350 mm
  • SMD components: from 0201 chips or 0.3 mm pitch
  • Soldering process:
    • SMD: Reflow process
    • THT: manual (selective, wave soldering by our manufacturing partners)

Your product is only an idea so far?

We are also happy to take over the hardware development and/or the software development for you.