Teracom TCW220

Update: Using free email providers

After Gmail and Yahoo recently dropped the email encryption standards SSLv3 and RC4 due to security breaches, devices from the TCW2xx product range by Teracom could no longer send email notifications via these providers. This was due to the fact that the devices’ firmware did not support the newer, safer encryption standards employed by the email providers. The manufacturer offered an interim solution by providing an in-house email service without any encryption standards. But a permanent solution has now been found with the release of an updated firmware version: The new firmware for the devices TCW220 and TCW241 now supports the TLS protocol, enabling both products to once again send email notifications via providers such as Gmail and Yahoo.

The updated firmware can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website:

Teracom TCW220: firmware v1.206

Teracom TCW241: firmware v1.206

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