Ethernetdatenlogger Teracom TCW220

New: Ethernet data logger Teracom TCW220

Teracom has a new flagship in his fleet of Ethernet controllers: TCW220 is suitable for measuring, recording and monitoring manifold parameters over 1-wire bus and two analogue and digital inputs.

Sensor details

Up to eight 1-Wire sensors can be connected over RJ11 or terminal connectors. Teracom offers a broad range of additional sensors, such as for temperature, humidity, AC and DC currents, voltages or CO2 concentration. Every sensor can be adjusted individually by an offset and an amplification factor.

Temperature and humidity probe - Teracom TSH206

Temperature and humidity probe

Sensor for AC/DC from 0.2 to 15 ampere - Teracom TSC200-15

Sensor for AC/DC from 0.2 to 15 ampere

Sensor for carbon dioxide concentrations (CO2) - Teracom TSG200

Sensor for carbon dioxide concentrations (CO2)

Digital and analogue inputs, Relay outputs

Both digital inputs (dry contact or logic level) can be used to connect smoke-, motion- or door contact detectors. Furthermore two A/D converters with a resolution of 10 bit are available.

To the relay outputs you can connect further devices. They can be controlled according to alert conditions, after a schedule or over the Modbus/TCP and HTTP interfaces.

Detectors for digital inputs
Smoke detector - Teracom TSS8030R

Smoke detector

A/C voltage detector - Teracom TSV100

A/C voltage detector

Door contact detector - Teracom TSD800

Door contact detector

Data logger

TCW220 measures and monitors all input values. The data logger records the measurements and alert conditions in periodic intervals. This data can be downloaded directly from the device or be send to a web server over HTTP post.


For each parameter, thresholds can be configured in between the measure value should stay. If such a threshold is exceeded, several possibilities exist for notification. Besides sending emails and SNMP traps, the two relay outputs can be toggled and such drive horns or signal lights.

Scada: Industrial process control

The measurements can be accessed over Modbus/TCP and HTTP and thus be used in SCADA environments and own software solutions.

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