Teracom TCW241

Ethernet I/O controller TCW241: Successor for TCW240B

Teracom has discontinued the production of the Ethernet controller TCW240B. The successor TCW241 is now available.

Some TCW241 features:

  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 analogue outputs (0-60 VDC)
  • Multiplier and offset for sensor adjustment
  • 4 relay outputs
  • 1-wire-interface for 8 sensors (up to 16 parameters)
  • SNMP v.2 support
  • Alerts via SNMP traps, e-Mail und HTTP post
  • XML- and JSON enabled HTTP Api
  • MAC filters
  • Push mode for generic cloud services

Get an impression. With user name admin and password admin you can log into Teracom`s live demo.

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