Software Development

from operation systems to web interfaces

Softwareentwicklung bei egnite

egnite originates from a pure software company. Therefore we gain from a wealth of experience that has evolved over decades and that is continuously extended by current development in technology and software architecture. This know how is available to our customers for development and improving their products. Our main competence lies on the firmware and applications for embedded systems


Hardware related Development

Micro-controllers, PLDs and DPS' are central elements of today's technologies. Our software adepts the hardware specific features with regard to performance, stability and reliability to utilizes them in the most efficient ways. Drivers to connect further peripherals, protocol stacks for the Ethernet based communication and operating systems are the core elements of components developed by egnite.

If you would like to get an idea of who we are, you could refer to some of better-known projects. For example, a chapter of the official AVR LibC documentation was written by egnite. Large parts of the open source real time operating system Nut/OS come from egnite as well. To get an impression of our code quality, you can download Nut/OS from sourceforge .net for free.

Hardwarenahe Programmierung
Benutzeroberflächen für eingebettete Systeme

User Interfaces for Embedded Systems

For the Internet of Things and industry 4.0, today's embedded systems usually are equipped with an Ethernet interface. That makes it pretty obvious to provide a user interface over an embedded web server. Modern web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and REST make it possible to create interactive and intuitive ways of operation. Of course there are some peculiarities in regard to the available resources. At the Better Embedded 2014 we have held a talk on this topic, for which the slides can be found on SlideShare.


Applications and Utilities

Embedded systems most often are only a smart part of a complex system. For tasks, such as recording and evaluation of measurements. monitoring of networking components or just simple things, like putting into operation or debugging, you will need software that allows you to connect to the unit from a computer. So the development of tools and utilities as also part of our offered services. Most often, we will put a special focus to Open Source libraries as well and usually build cross-platform solutions for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Utilities für eingebettete Systeme